Here you'll find our bookmark printables. Reading is a great way to strengthen your own writing because you can analyze what works and why it is working. These bookmarks will help you keep an eye out for certain story elements. You can use our general editing bookmark for the most common writing tips or the more specific ones if you're looking to work on certain writing elements.

General Editing Tips

Here you'll find the main bookmark to help you think about different storytelling elements while you're reading.



Here you'll find the worldbuilding bookmark to help you think about worldbuilding and setting while you're reading.


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"I can’t rave about Carly enough! She performed a quick, yet thorough, read-through of my novel and created six pages of talking points. Then we skyped so I fully understood her points and recommendations. Together, we crafted a battle strategy for revisions—it was so efficient that the actual edits only took a week! And looking at the old draft versus the new one… wow. Her edits added a whole new dimension to my story, without sacrificing my original vision for the novel. If you’re hesitating on purchasing her work, don’t! After three years of querying, it took my newly revised manuscript just three months to find a home with a literary agent. That’s all thanks to Carly!"

-Rebecca Thorne, author of The Secrets of Star Whales (Jolly Fish Press) and Can't Spell Treason Without Tea