Developmental Edit: When you have taken your piece as far as you can on your own, it is time for a developmental edit. This edit will help you refine your writing by working on story structure, pacing, character development, voice, clarity, and plot. It looks at the big picture as well as writing technique. This results in a 5- to 8-page letter itemizing improvements to your manuscript as well as comprehensive in-line edits that point to problems within the manuscript and helps improve your writing at a sentence level.

Cost: $0.02-$0.03 a word. Prices vary based on the length and complexity of the work.

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Manuscript Assessment: If you are on a tight budget or are looking for a developmental editor’s eye without the in-line edits, then you want a manuscript assessment. The editor will read your manuscript and send back an in-depth critique discussing big-picture edits. This can be for completed or unfinished works depending on what stage you want the editor to review it. This results in a 5- to 8-page letter but no in-line edits.

Cost: $0.005 a word, $350 minimum.

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Partial Developmental Edit Package: Can’t decide between a full developmental edit and an assessment? This package gives you the best of both worlds. You get an in-depth critique on the full manuscript as well as in-line edits for part of the manuscript. This package allows you to tackle the larger issues while getting in-line edits that you can then apply to the rest of the manuscript. It is up to you how much of your manuscript has in-line edits, but we recommend the first 50 pages.

Cost: $0.005 a word for the full manuscript plus $0.015-0.025 a word for the in-line edits (calculated based on the number of words receiving in-line edits).

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Writing Coach: Are you having trouble finishing your manuscript? Do you keep getting stuck or are you worried that you are going in the wrong direction? Then writing coaching could be perfect for you! They’ll encourage your writing and give you advice as you write. The coach will help shape the story arc and focus your story while editing your chapters as you go. This results in weekly or monthly discussions of your book as well as in-line edits of pages. Every client has a different time and schedule so this service can be customized to fit your writing habits.

Cost: $200-$500 a month depending upon proliferation of work. As this is a very personal service, projects need to be analyzed before accepted.

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Second-Read Review: After you have already had a developmental edit, an assessment, or you’ve been coached by us, you can have us read the piece again and review your changes. After you have made substantial edits it can be hard to tell if the edits were an improvement, if you need to go even further, or if they didn’t work at all. This results in 1- to 2-page critique of your edited manuscript.

Cost: $0.003 a word, $175 minimum.

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Copyedit: After you’ve polished your book via developmental edits and revision, it’s time for a copyedit. We will comb through your novel and edit for grammar, punctuation, and consistency of style. Minor changes in wording or light rewrites may also be made for clarity.

Cost: $0.01-$0.02 per word, based on a five-page review. Manuscripts requiring heavier copyedits and rush edits (less than two weeks’ time) will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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Additional Information:

We recommend asking for a sample edit to make sure we are a good fit for you. All editors work differently and one may be more compatible with your vision than another. If we find we aren’t a good match, we try to recommend someone better suited. Our sample edits cost $25 for the first 5 pages (later deducted from the full service if booked).

Payment is accepted through PayPal after the editor has sent you an invoice, and you will receive a final quote after the work is reviewed.

We book out far in advance, so contact us today to get your spot on our calendar!


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