Bring your book to light

Book Light Editorial will help refine your vision and make your book the best possible version of itself. We can take your manuscript and develop it until it is the book you envisioned. We will be your book's best friend.

What does that mean?

Well, we suggest starting with a developmental edit. This type of edit looks at the big-picture aspects of your manuscript, such as plot, character development, story arc, and pacing. It helps make sure you are accurately conveying your vision to readers and that your story is something that will hook readers in and maintain their interest.

After that, it is time for a copyedit. Copyediting works on the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency within your book. No author can catch all the typos within a manuscript; you see what you expect to read, not what is actually on the page. Copyeditors provide fresh eyes with which to spot these gaps. This is the final polish before a manuscript is ready to become a published book.

Are you ready to dive into the wonderful world of editing?
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