by Carly Bornstein-Hayward

Author Rhonda Rees is spearheading a "PSA campaign to alert authors and publishers to “check their books” to correspond with World Book and Copyright Day on April 23, 2016." (PRWeb)

This is an extremely important issue (for traditional and indie authors alike!). Many authors aren't aware that their words are being given away for free from spam websites. All the hard work that they put in, all the words that they strung together, all the late nights they spent writing, is being given away for the profit of others. It is wrong!

"It’s not just the famous recording artists or celebrities that are being ripped off anymore. Instead, online book piracy is having an impact on the average person in a very big way," states Rees. -PRWeb

So come April 23rd, please do a Google, Bing, Yahoo, or whatever other search you want to do, and look for your books floating out there without permission!

To find out more click here!

Quotes republished with permission

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