by Carly Hayward

Are you getting ready to submit your query to an agent? Query writing can be difficult. How are you supposed to summarize your story, hook the agent, make it seem marketable, and include a bio in less than one page?! Luckily, there are a lot of Twitter events that help you hone your query and 1st 5 pages.

#RevPit is a fabulous group of editors that come together throughout the year to help writers polish their manuscripts in order to catch the eye of an agent. I've been a part of #RevPit from the beginning and can't say enough about how wonderful it is!

This month, we threw a #10Queries event where editors reviewed submissions from 10 writers. We then tweeted our thoughts on each submission in the hopes that it will help others learn from them. Below you can find a thread with all my queries and advice!

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