by Carly Bornstein-Hayward

Pitch to Publication begins soon!

Pitch to Publication is an event going on this summer where authors get help from freelance editors, marketing gurus, and agents in order to get their manuscript published. (Hint: I am one of those freelance editors)

Here is my EXTREMELY simplified break-down of the event (for a full break-down and list of editors check out: Pitch to Publication):

First step: Find five freelance editors that you like. Then, send in your query letter to Samantha Fountain listing your five editors. Hopefully, one of them will be interested in your manuscript and will be paired with you! If you connect with an editor, move on to step two!

Second step: The freelance editors help the author polish their manuscript. They work with the author to make the story better so it will be picked up by an agent.

Third step: The manuscript is submitted to an agent. Literary agents are hard to come by, and getting one to read your manuscript is a big deal!

Fourth step: If an agent picks your manuscript, they will then help you get it into a traditional publishing house.

As I said, I have joined the event Pitch to Publication as a freelance editor. So send in your queries; I’d love to see them!

I am looking for a fun and engaging story. Either an adventure or a love story will make me happy. I will be tweeting out my manuscript wish list all week at @fromcarly with #mswl and #pitchtopublication attached. But in the meantime, here are some of my wants (you do not have to fit all of them, in fact, I hope you don’t!):

  • A tumultuous love story
  • A strong female protagonist (preferably one that doesn’t whine about her looks)
  • An exciting quest (I love adventures, especially when they involve books!)
  • An LGBTQ romance
  • Magic! This can be in a middle-grade/YA or adult story, but lots of magic is always fun!
  • Historical fiction/romance (with lots of fun clothing and frippery!)

Go to my editor’s page for more details!: Carly Bornstein's Pitch to Publication Editor's Page

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