February’s theme was LOVE LANGUAGES, and whew, we had a lot of fun with this one! We hit so many points, but we’re excited to summarize.

We chose the theme of Love Languages partly because of February, but mostly because it can really help make a character feel real. These personality tests may seem silly, but by throwing them together—introvert or extrovert, which Myers Briggs personality, what attachment style, their star sign, etc—you can really layer a characters’ response to their environment.

For example, if you have an introvert who’s also Physical Touch, they might be shy looking for that connection outside of their home. How does that affect their mental state? Are they more anxious because of it? Desperate and lonely? Or do they have a few friends who hug them all the time, so they’re fulfilled inside?

By considering these things, it only makes your writing easier. It’s fine to establish a character as a certain trope (ie: the Bad Boy), but if you’re going to make them believable, that has to simply be a front. Taking a Bad Boy, then giving him the Words of Affirmation love language means that suddenly, this leather-jacket and aviators guy is writing poems to his crush. Suddenly, he’s a lot more engaging!

This month was such a fun theme, and we hope you consider love languages as you’re setting personalities to your characters!

Check out some of the highlights from this month, and happy writing!

"Utilize love languages to deepen your character's personality & relationships. How do they show love? Who do they show it to? And what does that tell us about your character?" "What happens when two characters speak different love languages? One is grabbing sour patch kids every time they go to the store and the other is scheduling dates months in advance. They both are showing their love, but neither is hearing it" "Don’t be afraid to push your MC’s love language too far! If an Acts of Service MC breaks into their love’s house to clean their fridge, it can prompt a juicy argument!" "Different personalities show the same love languages differently. For example, if an introvert is Words of Affirmation, it might be tough for him to speak out sometimes. How will that affect his growth?" "Love languages can be shown through subtle mentions that add character depth, such as a Physical Touch MC reaching for her partner’s hand in times of stress." "Creatures have love languages too! Maybe a dragon is Physical Touch, but his scales are hot as fire. How would that affect his personality?" "A common writing trap is assigning all your characters the same love language as you have! Make sure you diversify; it might give insight into how someone expresses affection." "Sometimes the absence of action speaks louder than words. If an acts of service MC refuses to repair her partner’s crossbow, something might be wrong!"

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