by Carly Bornstein-Hayward

So excited for Cheryl Harper’s new book, Least Likely to Fall in Love!

It’s a sexy contemporary romance that takes a closer look at bullying and the serious problem it has become. Cheryl takes a serious issue, and makes it relatable, understandable, and fixable (all with a romantic and fun twist that keeps the reader engaged!).

In this sexy and intriguing romance, we all get to fix our insecurities from high school and fully realize what fabulous adults we actually are.

From the Back Cover:

Running the place. Like a boss.

Lindy Mason is happy to be back at Lincoln High School. As principal, she’s faced with the tough decision on how to handle a bullying case involving Maddie Myers, daughter of the boy who made her high school days a misery.

Getting better all the time.

Ryan Myers is panicked when he rushes into the principal’s office to rescue his daughter and shocked to see Lindy behind the desk. Single parenting means plenty of sleepless nights, time he spends regretting his mistakes and worrying over Maddie’s future.

Lindy and Ryan have to come to terms with the way life’s twists bring change and for the better. But love? No one’s going that far.

Available NOW in print and Kindle e-book here!

Check out Cheryl’s website:

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