Humor in Writing

Phew, December has flown by! This past month, we shared tips on our theme, “Humor in Writing!”

Tip 1: One big thing to know about using humor in writing is that it often stems from subverting expectations (in fun, strange, or awkward ways). Use irony to your advantage.

Tip 2: Layer that humor like a good cake (or an onion, your choice). If you only aim to make one group of people laugh, you’re missing out on wider audiences!

Tip 3: Conflict has a place in funny stories. It’s often ridiculous, but it’s there. Have fun with it!

Tip 4: While you may be writing a humorous story, it still needs to have rules or laws it follows—there can be flying space wizards, but their magic system has to be consistent throughout.

Tip 5: Real life can be quite hilarious. People watch. Listen at a coffee shop. Notice what people are saying and doing. Find the funny and bring that into your writing.

Tip 6: Consider using the Rule of Three, where you take two items that are related and then throw in a third that’s unexpected, but offers a hilarious contrast to the other two items.

Tip 7: One way to check your funny writing bone is to ask yourself, are you laughing? Are you finding it funny? If so, great! Once you’ve finished, see if others find it funny too.

Tip 8: Only cracking jokes for the sake of jokes, does not a truly funny story make. There needs to meaning in your jokes.

Tip 9: Know the genre you want to write in so that you can play with it! Make parodies, be satirical!

Dear writers, keep on writing, and don’t forget to laugh!

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